The 10 safety rules

To safely ski down the slopes

Our esf Crest-Voland instructors recommend you watch the video produced by the Syndicat National des Moniteur de Ski Français. (Rules' translation below)

Rule 1

Behave in such a way that you do not endanger others.

Rule 2

Adapt your speed and behaviour to your abilities, the slope, and the weather conditions.

Rule 3

Choose a path in such a way as not to endanger skiers ahead.

Rule 4

Overtake other skiers by leaving enough space around them to take into account their movements.

Rule 5

Ensure you can join a slope or a training area safely by checking above above and below.

Rule 6

If you fall, move and clear the slope as soon as possible.

Rule 7

Use the side of the slope to go up or go down on foot.

Rule 8

All skiers must respect signs and markings.

Rule 9

Everyone must assist if there is an accident.

Rule 10

Whether a responsible party or a witness, all skiers must identify themselves.