Will my child earn a medal?

Every Friday, a medal presentation is organised for every child who chose a 5 or 6 days group lessons package.

Do you recommend private lessons to beginners?  

In many cases, private lessons are recommended to help beginners gain confidence and overcome their natural fear of sliding.

Why should I take private lessons?

Whatever your level and thanks to how personalised they are, private lessons will help you progress and enjoy the process of mastering your technique. They can also help you discover another way of sliding (snowboard, ski-bike, télémark, off-piste, etc.).

What is the required equipment for the competition course?

Wearing a ski helmet is compulsory and back protectors are recommended. 

I never skied. Can I attend Snowboard lessons? 

Yes, they are two completely different disciplines and you can learn to Snowboard without ever having skied.

Is the equipment included with lessons booking?

The esf does not provide equipment.

Do you always have an instructor available?

Instructors' availability depends on the time period. During french school holidays, our instructors are usually very busy. Please book your outings as soon as possible.

The student's age does not match with the chosen lesson

We calculate the number of months between the date of birth and the first lesson's date to check if the lessons match your child's age. The age taken into account is that of the child on the lesson's first day and not on the day of your booking, which is why this message may seem inconsistent, but there is no error. Please choose another lesson for your child that matches his age at the beginning of your ski holidays. 

Do I need a particular insurance?

Students are not insured by the esf. We recommend you take out Carré Neige Insurance.