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Competition training

Beat the time!

Flèche de bronze passed

Improving your technique, enjoying mogul skiing, powder snow, special & giant slalom, jumps on any terrain and any snow... This competition training is complete and enables teens to beat their previous scores while working on their technique. 

Teens will take tests at the end of the week (included in the price except for nocturnal Flèche). 
  • Minimum level to register: flèche de bronze passed
  • 3h30 lessons each day
  • Only at Crest-Voland and during school holidays 

Wearing a helmet is compulsory, we recommend wearing a back protection.
Horaires et Tarifs
Timetable for Competition training
During school holidays only
PERIODSChristmas & February holidays
Competition training
From Flèche de Bronze level
  • 3h30 ski lessons per day
  • Tests included (except nocturnal Flèche)
  • Crest-Voland only
5&6-day packages are from Monday to Friday or Sunday to Friday 
Lessons & duration5 days6 days
Christmas week
Morning - 3h30190 € 195 €
New Year & February Holidays
Morning - 3h30208 € 213 €
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  • 99 Place du Bouloz - 73590 Crest-Voland
  • Tel : +33 (0)4 79 31 60 03