ESF Crest-Voland
Texte d'introduction

freestyle training

Ski or Snowboard

3è Étoile level passed

For children having passed their 3è Etoile, ESF Crest-Voland has a freestyle training, at ski or snowboard. 

Lessons take place during the afternoon at Crest-Voland, during school holidays only. 

Wearing a helmet is compulsory, we recommend you wear a back protection. 
Horaires et Tarifs
PEriods & timetable
5&6-day packages are from Monday to Friday and Sunday to Friday 
PERIODSChristmas HolidayFebruary holidays
Freestyle training
Ski or snowboard
  • 5 or 6-day training
  • During school holidays 
  • 3è Étoile level passed
  • Only at Crest-Voland
Prices for freestyle training
At Crest-Voland only
Lesson & duration5 days6 days
Christmas week 
Afternoon - 2h114 € 119 €
New Year week
Afternoon - 2h119 € 124 €
February holidays
Afternoon - 2h119 € 124 €
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