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Whether you are a beginner or a good skier already, ESF Crest-Voland offers ski group lessons for adults, at any level. The important thing is that you enjoy and spend a good time with us while improving your knowledge and technique. 

These classes are offered throughout the whole season. Please check the times of departure according to where you stay and the meeting point. 

5&6-day packages are from Sunday to Friday or from Monday to Friday. 
Horaires et Tarifs
Timetable - Crest-Voland
5&6-day packages are from Monday to Friday or Sunday to Friday 
PERIODSChristmas holidaysFebruary holidaysOff-Peak period
Morning10:30am-1pm10:30am-1pmSunday : 2:30pm to 4:30pm
monday to friday: 10am to 12pm
Timetable - le CErnix
5&6-day packages from Monday to Friday and from Sunday to Friday
PERIODSChristmas holidaysFebruray holidaysOff-peak periods

Times and duration can vary depending on the school's calendar. 

Ski group lessons
For adults
  • Any level
5&6-day packages available
    Prices for group Lessons
    5 days6 days
    Christmas week
    Morning Crest-Voland (10:30am-1pm)125 € 130 €
    Morning Cernix (11h30-13h)115 € 120 €
    New Year holidays
    Morning Crest-Voland (10:30am-1pm)130 € 135 €
    Matin Cernix (11:30am-1pm)115 € 120 €
    February holidays
    Morning Crest-Voland (10:30am-1pm)132 € 138 €
    Morning Cernix (11:30am-1pm)115 € 120 €
    Off-Peak Period
    2h per day Crest-Voland only115 € 120 €
    *Expert/ competition level is only available in the mornings at Crest-Voland.
     Registration to the test is included in the price instead of the medal.
    • ESF Crest-Voland Crest-Voland
    • 99 Place du Bouloz - 73590 Crest-Voland
    • Tel : +33 (0)4 79 31 60 03