frequently asked questions

Will my child receive a medal?

Every Friday, for 5 or 6-day group lessons, instructors give a medal to the children. 

Do you recommend private lessons for complete beginners?

In many cases, we recommend taking private lessons when you are a complete beginners and want to overcome the natural apprehension that is gliding. 

Why try a private lesson?

Private lessons can be very interesting. Whatever your level, the instructor will adapt and make sure you make progress at your own pace. During the lesson, you can choose to get better in a specific discipline or decide to try another one (snowboard, bike ski, telemark, off-piste...). 

What sort of equipment do I need for competition training? 

Wearing a helmet is compulsory. We also recommend that you wear back protection. 

I have never skied before. Can I try snowboarding?

Yes, skiing and snowboarding are two different disciplines. It is possible to start Snowboarding without having skied before. 

Is the ski equipment included when booking for lessons?

ESF does not provide ski equipment. 

Do you always have an instructor available?

The availability depends on the period. During French school holidays,  instructors are very busy. Book early! 

The age does not correspond to the lesson that I chose

We calculate the number of months between the date of birth and the starting date of the lesson to make sure that the age corresponds to the lesson. We take into account your child's age at the time of the first day and not on the day that you have booked. This might seem incoherent but rest assured, there is no mistake. Do not hesitate to choose another lesson that will correspond to your child's age during the coming holidays. 

Do I need a specific insurance? 

Students are not insured by the ESF. We recommend you take out CarrĂ© Neige insurance.